As a commercial photographer and graphic designer, I have never abandoned the muse that brought me to the dance, the creator of fine art. This guiding vision and spirit has always been the major force in the creation of my commercial work, as my approach has always been with that of an artist’s eye. The synergy between the technical and the visual requirements of my work has been an integral part of my success, the result being a very fulfilling life style and a successful career of unique opportunities, challenges and a strong portfolio of work. This site was conceived as a Retrospective of not only select imagery created during my 48 year career but also in support of a life time of fine art work from the past and the constant evolution of new work created going forward. Its my goal to make this site exist in a state of constant evolution and change and never static.

 I would like to offer my images to those who might enjoy them on a more permanent basis through ownership. As an artist, a sale of work is just one of the more positive critiques that a work can provide.  Initially, the images that I offer for sale will be chosen based on their past history of sales either in exhibition or in galleries as well as requests received from my site’s visitors. In that regard, if you find images that you are interested in that do not currently have purchase capabilities, please contact me with the residing gallery name and the image title /image file number. If you have other questions or comments, please send all inquiries through the “Comment” section, that is included at the bottom of each gallery and I will be sure to contact you.

Enjoy, explore, and pass my site on to others who might enjoy it. By all means reach out me if you like what you see, and come back often.

Fred D. Reaves